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This will be my first blog! How very exciting!
The purpose for this blog is to share with others the ups and downs of my culinary experiences, which led to my adventures in cooking and eating healthy!
Having had issues with food in the past and continue to do so if I’m not careful, I’ve come to realize whats good for me and whats not.  Just because something tastes delicious doesn’t mean my stomach will agree.  I’ve had my share of gastro-intestinal-itisses, (I know that’s not a real word, but it says it all) and a few gallbladder attacks.  One severe and many other “reminders”, shall we say, so it’s forced me to rethink the eating thing!  Fortunately I’ve been able to control my issues, with my diet!  Eating healthy can sound scary, boring and tasteless, but it can be very inspiring and challenging, in a good way!
I admit, it’s taken me years to figure this out and I’m constantly learning about healthy food, discovering new things and trying to make them fit, into my busy life. I also like to keep informed about what they are doing to our food, on every level, so I can make an informed decision of what is healthy and what is not.  Don’t get me wrong! I love food, and continue to eat things I shouldn’t, but…..I know my limits, and if I try to eat well on the whole, I feel secure enough to cheat, whenever I need to!
I would like to share my ideas and recipes with you. So…….LETS GET STARTED!

This is a smoothie I made for myself this morning. Sometimes, I just want and need to get something into my system fast and without too much effort, so I will make smoothies! What I have in the fridge usually dictates what kind I will make. I always try to keep tetra packs of Almond Milk and cans of Coconut milk in my cupboard so I have a nutritious liquid to start with.

This Smoothie was surprisingly delicious!! You would never know there was a vegetable in it, lol. and it’s a good way to get some greens into your system!

I dare you to try it! he he!


1 cup Organic Plain Kefer (you can use plain Greek Yogurt)
1/2 cup Almond Milk (unsweetened)
1/2 cup Coconut Milk
1/2 cup chopped pineapple
1/2 cup blackberries
1/2 cup Kale (stalk removed and chopped) yes, Kale
2 tbsp Hemp Hearts
or small handful of walnuts

Blender: put your liquids in a blender, add the kale, nuts and fruit and blend until liquefied.
Pour into a glass and enjoy!

** if you use Yogurt, you may have to add more milk to loosen it up if it’s too thick**





I call this Cabbage Chili, if you like Cabbage and you like Chili…’ll love my Cabbage Chili!  

This dish is great with Brown Rice on the side or on its own! 

1 lb lean ground meat (organic)
1/2 a small Cabbage, med chopped
2 med Leeks, chopped (whites only)
1 can Kidney Beans
2 cups Tomato puree
1/2 cup good White Wine
2 tsp garlic powder or chopped fresh
sea salt (to taste)
Hot Chilies
olive oil

Deep Skillet with cover :  

Brown meat on med.  Discard excessive grease.  
Rinse chopped Leeks and add to meat, stir together and add chopped Cabbage, stir.
Add Wine and bring to boil on med high,  
Add Tomato puree and bring to soft boil
Add Kidney Beans, garlic, salt and Hot Chilies
Cover and turn heat to low
Simmer for about 30 min or until Cabbage is soft

**Plate and drizzle with Olive Oil, enjoy!








Well, that’s it for my first Blog!  Hope you enjoyed reading it and viewing my recipes.  

Thanks to my daughter Nadia and my wonderful son-in-law Derek for helping me figure out how to do this!!!

Until next time……..

About Angie's Food Adventures

I thought I could cook in my early twenties, then I found out that Mac and Cheese and Ham Steaks wasn't really cooking. Then I met some vegetarians and tried that for a while. Learned a lot. In my thirties I started craving my Italian roots so I started really paying attention to family recipes. By the time I was 40 I had gained about 20 lbs and had my first gallbladder attack. Note to self: simple carbs are not for me! That's when my journey into healthy eating began. Since then, I've read and researched and read....I've tried a lot of diets and lifestyles and I can honestly say, I've finally established my own way of cooking and preparing food that agrees with me, still keeping to my roots and beyond!

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  1. Yummm!!!! You are THE BEST cook ever!!!!!xoxoxox

  2. Well, I just received a link to your site from a friend. So far the recipes sound delicious and I am going to try out a few. I have been cutting out wheat to see if it makes a difference for me.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes!


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