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Green smoothies have to be one of the most nutritious and essential part, of everyone’s diet!

For me, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get raw greens, proteins and fibre into my body!  Oh, did I mention delicious!!?   That’s right, just because its green, doesn’t mean it has to taste green,  for those of you who are afraid of the color! lol.

I try to have one every day, breakfast or lunch, keeps me going for hours, and I have all this energy that I haven’t had in years!  My digestion is better, my tummy is flatter and I’ve lost weight in that notorious middle, that does not want to go away!


1 cup Raw, unsalted Almonds

2 cups filtered water (use filtered water or tap water that has been sitting overnight in a glass container, to expel the chlorine.

Rinse Almonds well and put in a large glass jar, add filtered water and leave on your kitchen counter over night.  The almonds will swell in size and become softer and back to a more natural, pre-dried state, making them easier to digest!  The almonds will be a bit stuck together so give them a shake to loosen them up and drain the water.  You can also drink the almond water or use it to flavour other things.  Let them dry off a bit and put them in a jar with a lid and keep in the fridge.  Use within the week, however you like!


1 cup mixed red and regular Quinoa (or just reg)

2 cups filtered water

Rinse Quinoa well and place in a bowl,  add filtered water and let it sit on your counter overnight, at least 12 hrs.  With a tight strainer, drain the quinoa well and put in a glass container with a lid.  Refrigerate and use in salads, smoothies and any other way you like.  You’ll notice in a couple of days they will start to sprout little tails.  This is a good thing! Use within 5 days or so.


1 cup+ Organic Almond Milk or liquid and meat of a Young Tai Coconut

Handful of Raw Almonds, soaked *

2 heaping tbsp Raw Quinoa, soaked *

2 stocks Organic Celery

a big handful of Organic Kale

3-4″ section Organic Cucumber

1 Belgium Endive

a handful of Parsley

1 cup Pineapple, cut in chunks

a handful of Raspberries

a handful of Blueberries

1 tbsp Oatbran

1 tbsp Maca powder


1\2 cup goat yogurt

1 raw Organic Egg


In a high speed blender or Vita Mix, add liquid, almonds, quinoa, celery and kale and blend first on low gradually increasing speed till everything is smooth, (few seconds).

Add everything else and do the same.  Finish on High for a few seconds to make sure everything is blended, and your done!

As you can see, this makes a lot, so drink up, or share with your loved ones!  If you do decide to share, I would increase the Oatbran per person, just to make sure everyone is getting enough fibre!


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  1. These look so good. Got to try it soon.

  2. I have to say Ang
    You really make it look good in the photo.
    Will have to give it a try.

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