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When I took this picture, I didn’t realize just why I was drawn to it.  I made it my home screen photo on my lap top, but lately I’ve been using my iPad so I don’t turn on my computer much.  Today I decided to fire up the thing and lo and behold, my photo came up, and like a beacon, I suddenly realizied………..the seagul was ME!  Symbolic of who I am and what I do.  I feel I’ve been doing this all my life, staring up at the heavens and looking for guidance whenever I was challenged with difficult times.  Water, has also played an important healing ground for me.  Being around it has always calmed and centred me and brought me back to a place of strength  and inspiration.

My post today is a Dedication to you, for Positive Affirmation and Encouragement!  Because I believe we don’t get enough from others or ourselves!

I’m just that little seagull, looking up to the sky and wondering…. “what the Heck!”

I have dedicated the rest of my life, to living a healthier life style which includes eating REAL and healthy food, exercising and eliminating as much negative energy from it as possible!  This can be extremely difficult!  Can I get a Yay!  Eating healthy IS difficult!  Especially when we are constantly being seduced with main stream food which is designed to addict, enlarge and screw up your system so bad! that you need drugs to help you tolerate eating them!  SAD…….BUT TRUE!   It is getting better, as the choice for healthier substitutes are available.   But who stands a chance when there are yummy, unhealthy choices as well!  WILLPOWER!!!!  unfortunately, when you’re hungry, all the willpower in the world will not succeed for most of us.  So what do we do? Lock ourselves up with our pesticide free veggies and Organic groceries? Never to eat out again?  Well…..that’s extreme, but hey, who am I to say?  What ever works for you.

For me, finding a balance is key!  Learning what you can tolerate and easily eliminate is crucial, thereby not denying yourself the odd ice-cream or french fries or other triggers you may have, like maybe SUGAR!  A  TREAT is a TREAT! not part of a healthy, daily diet.   And try drinking more!  No not the alcohol type, silly,  clean, filtered water, try it with lemon to make it more tasty.   Just remember, you are making an effort to control your own health without the use of drugs or frequent trips to the Doctor!

Any step you take to get healthy and feel good is a step in the right direction!  Don’t believe everything you hear, learn to question and use your own gut feelings and common sense.  Research, it’s easy with Google, but make sure you read both sides.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there.  Only then will you be able to make your own decision, not someone elses.  We are all different and have different belief systems.  What’s right for one may not be for another.  Find your own truth and  be content in knowing that whatever happens, happened because YOU chose it and not someone else!

Here is my acknowledgment to all the people in our lives who are ill and struggling with physical, emotional and terminal illnesses and to their families and friends who care and support them.   God bless you all!

About Angie's Food Adventures

I thought I could cook in my early twenties, then I found out that Mac and Cheese and Ham Steaks wasn't really cooking. Then I met some vegetarians and tried that for a while. Learned a lot. In my thirties I started craving my Italian roots so I started really paying attention to family recipes. By the time I was 40 I had gained about 20 lbs and had my first gallbladder attack. Note to self: simple carbs are not for me! That's when my journey into healthy eating began. Since then, I've read and researched and read....I've tried a lot of diets and lifestyles and I can honestly say, I've finally established my own way of cooking and preparing food that agrees with me, still keeping to my roots and beyond!

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  1. Judy Coleman

    Love the picture Ang. I am with you in all these thoughts of course. You know how I feel about these things too. Luv and blessings


  2. Yay Angie! You always amaze me. I never want to grow up but if I do I want to be just like you.

    Love ya,

  3. Great post and so deep. Most of us always feel we are looking up in the sky for answers. I could totally relate to the picture. The best thing in our life is to find balance in all aspects. Not everyone is the same, so everyone will have their own way of dealing with things. Best of luck with blogging and living healthy.

    • Than you for your comment and support aregularcupofjo! I know I’m not alone and I think as a species we need to feel relevant and need encouragement and support especially in times of need! If we can’t help and lift each other, than we are truley lost!

      p.s. I’m not always this deep! Lol 🙂


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