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MUNG BEAN HUMMUS image This is my take on Hummus, since I love the mighty Mung Bean! It’s a bit out of the box, but that’s a good thing if it tastes good, and that it does!!! Mung Beans are super high in protein and fibre which reduces the carb value! They are so versatile and delicious, that I continue to experiment with them. The raw Sesame Seeds adds a little crunch and the Lime Juice really compliments the combined flavours! Hope you like!


1 cup Mung Beans

2 cups Water

1 large clove Garlic, more if you like Garlic

1/4 cup raw Sesame Seeds

1/4 cup Olive oil

1/4 cup Fresh Lime Juice

Sea Salt, to taste



Rinse beans and cook in 2 cups of water for approx 40 min, till soft and let cool.

In a food processor add Garlic and Sesame Seeds and purée.


Add cooked and cooled Mung Beans, Olive Oil, Lime Juice and Sea Salt and process, stirring if necessary. Taste and refine flavours by adding more Olive Oil, Lime Juice and Salt. Add Cayenne to mixture or simply sprinkle on top.


Garnish with a little Olive oil, Sesame seeds, Mung Beans and Lime Zest



Olive oil, spiced sun-dried Moroccan Olives and Cayenne


Makes over 2 cups


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