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Straciatella soup, has to be one of the most delicious and soothing soups!  Here’s just one idea on turning it into a meal!

I always use My Own Stock from scratch.




3 cups Chicken Broth

1 Chicken Breast  (raw and cut into small pieces OR use the chicken from the stock if you just made it)

1 Large cage free Organic Egg

Shredded Cheese, or Parmesan

1 Tbsp Oat Bran

1 Large Handful of  Organic Arugula, or Spinach

Red Chillies for heat



In a saucepan, bring stock to boil.  Add either the chicken from the stock, if you just made it or take a chicken breast, cut it into small pieces and add to stock, turn heat to med.   This, will be extra tasty!  Take care not to overcook because it will become rubbery!  A few minuets should do it.


In a measuring cup, add egg and beat.  Add Oat Bran and mix. Pour into soft boiling broth.


Stirring constantly and quickly till the egg has coagulated and looks like cheese!


Add the Arugula or Spinach and Chillies and stir in.


Ready to plate!

Add Shredded Cheese or Parmesan


And Eat!!!




IMG_2580There are no rules or regulations in making a Frittata, only your imagination!

The traditional one, I grew up watching my Mother make, was, Potato and Onion! yummm! that was good!  She would cut up the potato into really small chunks and pan fry in a bit of olive oil, untill  golden brown on all sides.  She would then add chopped onion, sweat them out and add the eggs.  The exciting part was when she would grab a plate, put it upside down on top of the frying pan and attempt to flip it over!  And flip it over she did, to my wild surprise, lol!  How amazing, to watch, over and over again, each time as amazing as the first!  When it was ready, she slid it on to a pretty plate and sprinkled it with Parmesan Cheese and on to the table it went!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you choose.


4 free roaming chicken Eggs

1 handful, Soft goat cheese, crumbled

3 slices Prosciutto, chopped

1/2 medium Onion, chopped

1 handful of Organic Spinach

Hot Chili Flakes

Sea Salt

Olive Oil for frying



Add Eggs to a bowl and beat with a fork

Add ingredients, leaving Spinach for last

Mix well






Add Olive Oil to pan and heat to med

Watch temp and make sure the oil does not get too hot and smoke!






Add the mixture and reduce heat to med low

With a spatula, make holes within the mixture so the liquid firms up and coagulates

This shouldn’t take long, you do not want to cook the bottom to the point of being rubbery



IMG_2584***Please make sure there is no liquid left but some slimy stuff on top!!!***

If you don’t feel confident, please turn your oven to Broil and finish off on the top rack for a couple of min!!!

This is the fun part!  Slide a plate, big enough to cover the pan, on top



IMG_2585You may want to wear long sleeves the first time, just in case!

Put your hand firmly on top, (move over to the counter or sink) and 1, 2, 3, FLIP!

This needs to be a gentle but quick motion! Don’t stop half way!





Ta Da!!!








Slide the Frittata off the plate back into the pan, and  heat until the bottom firms up, couple of min.







Serves 2 to 4

Great with some toasted gluten free bread with chopped tomatoes, garlic and olive oil!



First of all……Happy 2013 everyone! Can you believe it! I hope everyone greeted the New Year with good health, happiness and hope, for an always better tomorrow!

My first blog of the year will address a very important issue! Getting back on track of all the healthy choices we made BEFORE we entered the holiday season! Hopefully depending on when “the choices were made”, it won’t be too difficult to pick up where we left off.

I myself, was concerned as to how I was going to get back, “to a place I thought I would never get back to”, again! A place where my tummy was happy, I was sleeping better, wasn’t puffy, wasn’t phlegmy, sorry about that, but it’s true! AND I had finally lost that dreaded last 5 lbs which is almost impossible to lose! I had started to see my waist again! That very elusive part of the human body! How much damage did I really do by getting sucked back into eating things I’d given up, things I KNOW are not good for me?

Why do we do it, why do we continue to think that, maybe, just maybe it’s not real. Maybe we’re just imagining it! We CAN eat everything, everyone else does! WRONG! Lol, you know it, I know it. It’s just a matter of how long will it take us to realize it and make it stick!

I am about to share with you a very important word! A word which I was very well aware of, but didn’t quite comprehend the real meaning. A word, which the real meaning can only be learned through experience. The word is MODERATION! Lets not kid ourselves, in a world of fake and bad food, it is increasingly difficult, not only stick to a healthy lifestyle, but to choose what is real and what is fake! Marketing, has become a game! A game which, not only wants to sell you, but to trick you!

That’s where moderation comes in. Moderation doesn’t mean on a daily basis. If you look it up, it says, “observing reasonable limits”. This can only be learned with your own experience. Learn to read the signs that your body gives you. Pay attention and learn! If you feel gross after you eat something……unless you’re one of these people who say, “but I like it”………well then don’t complain!

I started my New Year, exercising, drinking plenty of green drinks and eating clean and healthy, in a warm and sunny place! Now that the holidays are gone, and I’ve thrown out all but the dark chocolate, hehe, my weakness! I figure I have until the next holiday in the spring, to hone a new routine which I can stick to!

Good luck my friends and remember, no one is going to do it for you!

Until next time, Happy start to the year!


Eating red meat does not have to be a bad thing!

I believe moderation is key and if you buy organic, grass-fed, beef, at least for your burgers, you are giving your body nutrients that you can only get from good old-fashioned, unadulterated, real meat!

I named these OMG! because that’s exactly what I said after I tasted one just after I cooked it.  I was watching a show on diners on the food network and was amazed at what some people put in their hamburgers.   I love horseradish, so I thought I would try some in a burger.  These are so moist and flavourful, you can eat them on their own, hot or cold.

So here’s the burger recipe which can be made with any ground meat of your choice.



1 lb lean ground Organic Beef

1/4 cup finely chopped Green Onion

2 heaping tbsp Horseradish

1 tsp Dijon Mustard

2 Organic Eggs

2 tbsp Olive Oil

2 tbsp Coconut Flour (or Quinoa Flour)

Sea Salt

Ground Chilies*



In a large bowl,  add the meat and break it up with a fork.  Sprinkle Flour all over meat.

Add Eggs, Horseradish, Dijon, Olive Oil, Onions, and spices and mix well


Use a fork to blend, finishing off with your hand


Form into patties and pan fry on med heat till nicely brown on both sides.  No extra oil necessary!


Form into Patties. Pan Fry on Med heat till golden brown on both sides.  Do not over cook.



Here is a fast and delicious recipe for Lemon flavoured chicken legs,  that’s low in fat and big on flavour!

Lately I’ve been using Turmeric on practically everything!  I threw some on the Chicken legs along with garlic and ginger and WOW! what a flavour!  Hope you like sticky fingers, because these babies are finger licking good!



Chicken Legs

Dry White Wine or Stock

The juice of 1 Lemon

Garlic Powder




Sea Salt


In a deep,  non-stick skillet, on med heat,  arrange your Chicken

and brown on all sides

Add enough Wine or Stock to cover the bottom and a bit

IMG_2625Squeeze the lemon all over

Sprinkle Chicken with Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric and Cayenne

Season with Sea Salt

Bring to boil, cover and turn heat to med low

Cook for about 30 – 40 min turning every 10 min or so

The Chicken is ready when it starts coming off the bone and separates

The Sauce will thicken and reduce


Plate and prepare for the sticky goodness!



Chicken breasts are not one of my husbands favourites because they tend to be dry.   So when I make them, I try to be creative and figure out how to keep them moist so he’ll eat them.  I like the idea of stuffing them and have gotten some great ideas when I’ve been out for dinner!  This is something I created on the spur of the moment, looking for something quick and easy for dinner.  Seriously, didn’t take me long, you just have to cut, stuff,  wrap and bathe in white wine or chicken broth if you don’t cook with wine.  Makes a great looking celebratory dish, perfect for this time of year because of the colors!


Chicken Breasts, fresh not frozen

Cooked Shrimp

Mild Cheese, Mozzarella, Gouda, Goat?


Parsley, chopped

Garlic, freshly chopped or powder

Dry White Wine or Chicken Stock

Cocktail Tomatoes





Slice Chicken Breast lengthwise (butterfly) and open up

Season inside with Garlic

Add chopped Parsley to one half

Add Cheese and Shrimp

Fold over and secure with a toothpick


Wrap in Prosciutto, about 2 slices

On med heat, brown both sides

Add about 1/2 to 1 cup White Wine or Chicken Stock and bring to boilIMG_1779

Cover with a lid, turn heat to med low and cook for about 4-5 min

Turn over, cover and cook till you see the cheese oozing out, about 4 min

The liquid will have reduced and you can see the cheese oozing out

Please, do not over-cook!  If you’re not sure, just put the lid back on for a few min


Add quartered Tomatoes and chopped Basil take off the heat and let them rest for a couple of min


Plate , drizzle some of the sauce over top and serve!

The saltiness of the Prosciutto is all the salt you need!  The Chicken is moist and tender and the Shrimp inside mixed with the Parsley and the Cheese is mouth-watering!

It’s like biting into a perfectly wrapped present!



To further my STUFFED COLLARDS recipe, here is a recipe that was born after I ended up with left over stuffing.

While giving it the taste test, I realized it was really good, just on its own, and had to stop myself from eating it all!  Which then led me to believe It would make a great side dish as well!  So, on I went getting inspired, and looking at this beautiful concoction, I thought, why not?  Why not throw some eggs,  a little flour and before I knew it, I had created a “Meat and Veggie Patty! How exciting!  My salivary glands were liking this one, oh ya!

So I crossed my fingers, and “TA DAAAA!”  IT’S ALIVE!!!  and super tasty too!

I’ve also tried a vegetarian version as well, using cooked Mung Beans and I think pan-fried Mushrooms would be yummy too!


1/2 to 1 lb lean ground meat (depending on how meaty)


2 cups (after cooked) Mushrooms, chopped and  pan-fried


1 – 1 1/2 cups (after cooked) Mung Beans

1 1/2 cups Butternut squash, shredded

1 cup Kale, shredded

1/2 med onion finely chopped

4 tbsp Quinoa or Coconut flour

parmesan cheese or goat cheese,

1 hand full Parsley, finely chopped

2-3 med organic eggs (depending on consistency)


Garlic powder

Pinch ginger

Sea salt


Brown Meat or Mushrooms or cook Mung Beans and let them cool

Shred Butternut Squash, Kale and Parsley and put in a large bowl, add the cooled meat or veg and mix together

Add Flour, Spices and Eggs, one at a time, and mix together

Check consistency and add enough egg to make the mixture gooey and so it holds together enough

Add the Goat Cheese or Parmesan (to taste) and mix well

It will be too soft to form in your hands so spoon out into pan and flatten into half-inch or so patties

Brown on both sides (few min) on med heat in a little Olive Oil

Lemon Yogurt Sauce

1-1/2 cups goat or Greek plain yogurt

1/3 cup thinly sliced green onions

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 small garlic clove, mashed

Sea salt to taste