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When I was told to give up wheat, it didn’t have the fancy title “Gluten Free”. I was just told to give it up. As difficult as you might think it is, try being in my Italian shoes. I can still remember sitting there In shock and confusion. What the heck was I supposed to eat? 
I grew up on pasta, homemade pizza and fresh-baked bread,mmmmmmm, with olive oil and fresh tomato and garlic…………oops, sorry, I had a memory.   My Mother was a fabulous cook, but pasta was a main staple and it was a sin NOT to have bread on the table at every meal.   Now that’s a lot of gluten!
Easter’s coming, if you’re thinking of cooking a Turkey or an oven baked Chicken, my Festive Rice Stuffing may just tickle your Gluten Free fancy!
 1 cup brown Basmati Rice
1/2 cup Wild Rice
2 cups Chicken Stock
1 tbsp butter
Rinse and cook Rice in Chicken Stock and a tbsp of butter (instead of water, for more flavor)
Note: Do not over cook,  it will continue to cook in the bird

1/2 cup unsalted Butter
1 Granny Smith Apple, peeled and cored
1 cup Celery, chopped
1 med Onion, chopped
1/2 cup dried Cranberries
Sea Salt
In a deep Skillet, melt butter on med low and add Celery, Onion and Apple

Saute, moving them around until they start to get soft and translucent,  3-4 min
Salt to taste
Stir in Rice and Cranberries, set aside to cool (if you are using for stuffing)
Be sure to have a taste to make sure of the desired seasoning. Perfect for a gluten-free stuffing or a beautiful side dish!
3 cups Chicken Stock (preferably homemade)
1 large Chicken Breast,  cut into bite sized pieces 
12 med sized raw Shrimp, skin off and deveined
1 Leek, chopped and rinsed
2 baby Bok Choy, separated
8 spears of Asparagus, cut up
6 quart Saucepan:  Pour Stock into saucepan and bring to boil. Turn heat to med low and add Chicken, Shrimp and chopped Leek, stir and simmer covered for about 5 min.   Add Asparagus and simmer for a few more min.  Add Bok Choy, cover and remove from heat. 
Plate and serve!  Enjoy!
Serves 2-3
Do not over cook!  Vegetables will become mushy and Shrimp and Chicken will be chewy.
**If you need to add a starch, rice noodles, would be great in this dish! Cook them first and then add to soup.  This will also stretch it out and add to the servings.

About Angie's Food Adventures

I thought I could cook in my early twenties, then I found out that Mac and Cheese and Ham Steaks wasn't really cooking. Then I met some vegetarians and tried that for a while. Learned a lot. In my thirties I started craving my Italian roots so I started really paying attention to family recipes. By the time I was 40 I had gained about 20 lbs and had my first gallbladder attack. Note to self: simple carbs are not for me! That's when my journey into healthy eating began. Since then, I've read and researched and read....I've tried a lot of diets and lifestyles and I can honestly say, I've finally established my own way of cooking and preparing food that agrees with me, still keeping to my roots and beyond!

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